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wallspace began 7 years ago as an online gallery and in January 2012 opened its doors on la brea. we represent over 50 los angeles-based emerging and more established pop, street and contemporary abstract artists, within a non-traditional environment. hung in a dynamic, salon style on 14’ high walls, we have over 350 pieces of art on view at all times in the gallery in various mediums as well as additional works on line. we cater to clients just starting their collection as well as to more seasoned buyers.

all art work is available for purchase, we also offer short-term rental or long term leasing.

as we live in Los Angeles for the film, print & media industry, all art has permission by the artist for use in motion picture, tv and commercials.

at wallspace we also offer an internship program available to apply to all year round. please see the downloadable form below for more details.

follow us on facebook, google+, twitter and instagram: #wallspacela email valda@wallspacela.com

valda lake

tel: 323.930.0471
fax: 323.843.9880
email: art@wallspacela.com
website: wallspacela.com
follow us on facebook/google+/twitter and instagram at #wallspacela email valda@wallspacela.com

art emergency: 213.840.9303

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