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marz junior

blue paramount gate marz jr, hollywood triptych (right) marz jr, hollywood triptych (center) marz jr, hollywood triptych (left) teal airplane & LAX, Marz Jr.
yellow horizontall griffith) griffith observatory (yellow vertical) red vertical griffith yellow hollywood bowl marz jr red and teal hollywood bowl
red capital records bldg (pen/acrylic on paper) red capitol records bldg-left side red capitol records bldg-right side yellow Lax red hollywood bowl
red vertical roosevelt hotel blue capitol records- left side blue capitol records- right side red empire state bldg Marz Jr.

Marz Jr. is a focused freelance artist and illustrator, creating original and limited edition works in paint and ink.
He also works in animation on various digital media platforms. He continues to paint and illustrate nostalgic and iconic images, hoping to give you a smile and take you to a time and place of joy, and naive possibilities.

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