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Nick Stern

What? (Nick Stern)
Child soldier (Nick Stern)
Flower thrower (Nick Stern)
Peace army corps (Nick Stern)
Maid (Nick Stern)
Kissing policeman (Nick Stern)
Hoodie and dog (Nick Stern)
Child labor (Nick Stern)
Gitmo (Nick Stern)
Punker mom (Nick Stern)
Caveman (Nick Stern)
Queen's guard (Nick Stern)
Jesus with shopping bags (Nick Stern)
Love the bomb (Nick Stern)
Mona Lisa (Nick Stern)
Pat down (Nick Stern)
Resevoir dogs (Nick Stern)
Coke cop (Nick Stern)
Lovers (Nick Stern)

Nick Stern has contributed to a wide range of publications including newspapers, magazines, books, advertising campaigns and television productions. Nick's worldwide assignments include covering: people trafficking, child prostitution, natural disasters, immigration, and civil unrest. Nick is a member of the Chartered Institute of Journalists, National Press Photographers Association and the British Press Photographers Association.

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