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patrick haemmerlein

Tell Me Love of thy Early Dreams (patrick haemmerlein)  for the beauty of the Earth (patrick haemmerlein)  Love's old sweet song (patrick haemmerlein)  beats there a heart so true by patrick haemmerlein patrick hammerlein, fairy tale
 None but the lonely Heart by patrick haemmerlein  sitting on top of the world (patrick haemmerlein)  In the mood for Love (patrick haemmerlein)  One Promise Come True (patrick haemmerlein)  In My Dreams (patrick haemmerlein)
At the Waters edge (patrick haemmerlein) A little street where old friends meet (patrick haemmerlein) I only have eyes for you (patrick haemmerlein) I would that my love (patrick haemmerlein) I'd climb the highest mountain (patrick haemmerlein)
I've heard that song before (patrick haemmerlein) None but the lonely heart (patrick haemmerlein) Symphony No 2 (patrick haemmerlein) you belong to my heart (patrick haemmerlein) you made me love you (patrick haemmerlein)

Reflecting on issues of the day, Patrick explores themes of nature vs. industry and how they can coexist or clash. The images are from photographs Patrick has taken. They are not only a juxtaposition of nature and industry, but also a combination of imagery from his two homes - one rural one urban. Patrick manipulates photographs and then prints the images on a large blue print printer, layering images on wood that he has found in the streets of Los Angeles. He adds a variety of elements, including paint, hardware and segments taken from books he has found.

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