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walt hall

this letter, dear song for the blackbirds walkies in blue ice cream on sundays scene two
tree #1 tree #2 well, i love you this much all together you are the one i always loved
ghosts as much as ever and all the winds and rains and snows my pal sing. song.
hold on (balloon) 1972 oh mr. moonlight untitled (mixed media on wood) never forget you (mixed media on wood)

Raised in North East Los Angeles Walt Hall's paintings and mixed media works bring together images and thoughts of other worlds and realities that are not so distant. His fine lines and compositions show the ease and joy with which he works; often using seemingly random planks or discards, Hall creates through applied paper from foreign newsprint to pages from primers as backgrounds for his images that capture the imagination. He paints primarily with acrylics and produces work that ranges in size from several square inches to mural sized.

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if you are looking for a unique contemporary piece of artwork of a particular size we have grouped our artwork into 4 size categories
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