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Superfine Art Fair Los Angeles

Superfine Art Fair, October 12th - 15th 2023

at the Magic Box at the Reef, 1933 South Broadway, LA, Ca 90007

Installations curated by Wallspace & The Style Guyde

Wallspace and The Style Guyde were excited to join forces and present interactive art installations
at the Superfine Art Fair in Los Angeles.

With a common goal through the language of art, mixed media, and installations we looked to create a space without walls for conversation of change for marginal communities, including but not limited to BIPOC and LGBTQAI in Los Angeles. Whilst giving light to the paradoxical conversation of the intersections in our community.

Artist - Little Ricky

Artist: Little Ricky @littlericky001

Queer Latin X qrtist “Little Ricky” aka Ricky Sencion, with his large scale “Moonster’s” installation of whimsical characters. Beginning as stickers on the streets and now to complex canvases shown at galleries. Ricky’s art is about color - rainbow colors that reflect who e(we) are as a community. At the heart and soul of the series is the idea that e(we) are all different.
E(we) are all queer.
E(we) are all crazy beautiful.

Artist - PonchoTheArtist

Artist: PonchoTheArtist @ponchotheartist

Poncho The Artist, CEO of Art Is My Drug ®, is a renowned tattoo artist and creative director who's reshaped the tattoo industry over a decade. His private studio has attracted clients like Boris Kodjoe and K.Michelle, while his creative direction has made him a sought-after collaborator for brands like Hulu and Heavy Hitters.
Art is My Drug: Art is my drug’s mission is to build a community of artists & creatives by providing space and opportunities for growth & development. Our mission is to help artists no matter what phase of their journey, & to be a pillar of support as they continue to build.

Visitors were able to get a tattoo at a live activation during the Superfine Art Fair with his crew - in attendance on the Thursday opening night, Saturday and Sunday.

Poncho The Artist
Art by Poncho The Artist

Artist - Star

Artist: Star @sincerelyghettobird

Star Angel is an Afro-Chicana Artist from South Central LA.

All pieces are rooted in fond memories of my childhood and the everyday life of growing up in South Central.

During each birth of an art piece, mixed mediums are explored from Textile Art, Couture Art, and Art Design.

Star had an interactive installation at Superfine