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Joey Brock at the Pendry Hotel, Sunset Blvd
Throughout the month of September

Jess in Pink by Joey Brock
Beez Pink Pop! by Joey Brock

Folks came to the Pendry Hotel on Sunset Blvd to see the artist Joey Brock's stunning outdoor exhibition of his artworks - an exterior digital installation on the side of the Pendry Hotel and the infamous Sunset Blvd.

The digital artworks were on view through the daytime and night showing imagery of original works created by Joey Brock. His work specifically looks to celebrating diversity and lifting up and giving a voice to marginalized communities. The original portraiture photography is printed on prism paper and embellished with embroidery thread on mylar and we are delighted to offer his originals and prints at Wallspace.

F'Em by Joey Brock
Samuel by Joey Brock