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Tom Lasley

How to change your life (Tom Lasley)
You are here (Tom Lasley)
We are not human (Tom Lasley)
Father (Tom Lasley)
Son (Tom Lasley)
Gender dysphoria: The little prince/the big queen  (Tom Lasley)
The young prince of the forest breaks wind (Tom Lasley)
Hotel (Tom Lasley)
Oh bebe take two (Tom Lasley)
Black dog/ I never promised you a rose garden (Tom Lasley)
Will return  (Tom Lasley)
A bird in the hand (Tom Lasley)
NRML (Tom Lasley)
7-11 12/25/01 (Tom Lasley)
Icarus (Tom Lasley)
A boy and his god (Tom Lasley)
Cold shoulder (Tom Lasley)
Jack fell down (Tom Lasley)
Day/Office/Evening (Tom Lasley)
Woork boot (Tom Lasley)

It was while working as a 'cater-waiter' in Manhattan N.Y. that Tom Lasley was exposed to a great deal of art, this sparked his interest in Contemporary, Pop, Folk and Outsider art - which he found he was very attracted to the work. In 1988 with no formal art training Tom acted on a strong urge to create and impulse to express something about himself and his experience through art. In rediscovering the activities of his youth, Tom recovered his passion and purpose. The artist's work represents personal issues both physical and meta-physical.

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