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Zeal Harris

Lay-In Drapeaux for Eric Garner & Radio Raheem (Zeal Harris)
Following Zora a.k.a Miss Hurston (study) (Zeal Harris)
Port au Prince, Hait (Zeal Harris)
Parable of a Kandake (Zeal Harris)
Grounded (Zeal Harris)
Love Potion Against Ghetto Birds (Zeal Harris)
Knight stealth (Zeal Harris)
Sanctified Hoodoo (Zeal Harris)
Amnesty for Ngozi (Zeal Harris)
Advice from Judea Falaise (Zeal Harris)
Deep End (Zeal Harris)
Marriage is a Lottery (Zeal Harris)
Tayo and Dayo (Zeal Harris)
The Rapper With The Pink Hair (Zeal Harris)
Color of Jacarandas in South South LA (Zeal Harris)
Username (Study) (Zeal Harris)
Mind Meld (Zeal Harris)
Target City (Zeal Harris)
Sandra Bland & El Chapo (Zeal Harris)
Contraband (Zeal Harris)

Zeal Harris is known for creating seductive, caricaturesque, political, urban-vernacular, story paintings, with a blunt mix of high-brow/low-brow elements. Her micro-narratives offer socio-political commentary about a range of larger issues that often have to do with the layered experiences of race, class, gender, and sexuality. Almost always, the work is based on contemporary real life stories or events in daily life. She is a Los Angeles based visual artist who graduated from UCLA School of Film & Television and later with a MFA in Studio Art from Otis College of Art & Design. She has been in recent exhibitions at the Port Au Prince Haiti Ghetto Biennale, the California African-American Museum, and the Caribbean Cultural Center of the African Diaspora in New York.

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