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previous wallspace exhibitions & events

We have hosted a wide range of exciting and interesting exhibitions and events over the years, here at our gallery on la brea.
some of our previous shows are featured below, why not come along to our next one?
you'll find details about our up-coming and current exhibitions on the exhibitions page.

"Specimens and Artifacts", a solo show by Matt Adrian, November, 2017
"Central Avenue", a solo show by artist Kymm Swank, October 2017
"Sizzle", the wallspace 2017 summer show
"That Blitz Mentality", University of Arts London Alumni, April 22nd to 30th, 2017
"Alchemy Unveiled: Defying Disjunction" video installation, curated by angie stimson 04/01/17
"Domestic Recipes and other stories" solo exhibition, trevor norris 03/04/17
"My Demands are Unending" solo exhibition, Patrick Haemmerlein 02/11/17
"Among the Aspens" video installation, bianca green 01/07/17
"We Set Out Tonight for Some Strange Place" solo installation, walt hall 9/24/16
"The Absolute Dogs Bollocks" britweek LA 2016, 4/19/16
"Set Decorator Society of America, General Membership Meeting, 2/25/16
"Black and light" solo show Philip Vaughan, 1/23/16
"Places Snake Plissken Escaped From" solo show Marz Jr., 10/3/15
"Osmosis" Wallspace Summer Show 7/25/15
"FEMO" Queer L.A. Performances and Installations, Wallspace, 6/6/15
"london transplants" britweek LA 2015, wallspace, 4/21/15
"now. you see me" lori dorn, solo show wallspace and Keystone, 4/13/15
"Slipping on Spilt Paint," Gary John solo show, 3/14/15
"Not Where They're Supposed To Be," Zeal Harris solo show, 11/8/14
"A City To Love," Ramon Ramirez solo show, 10/4/14
"Structural Abstractions" Kymm Swank solo show, wallspace & Keystone 9/13/14
"Synthesis" summer group show, 7/19/14
"The Space Between Instants" Jason Mascow solo show, wallspace & Keystone 3/8/14
"Play Therapy" Tom Lasley 3/16/14
"Barbie: American Icon" Judy Ragagli solo show, wallspace & The Porch Gallery 2/13/14
"Force Of Creatures" Melinda Mcleod solo show, wallspace & Keystone 1/11/14
"Above The Sea, Below The Sky" Melanie Mandl video show 1/9/14
"Future Perfect" Mb Boissonault solo show, wallspace & The Porch Gallery 9/14/13
"Gathering" pop up dinner hosted by Simple Gourmet 11/2/13
"Conversations and Complications" Dan Monteavaro 8/29/13
"Gathering" pop up dinner hosted by Simple Gourmet 5/17/13
"1" one year anniversary wallspace 4/27/13
"Vortex" Natasa Prosenc Stearns, 2/7/2013
"Compare and Contrast" Meg Madison & Ivan Lofstrom 12/6/12
"Benchmarks" web series launch by Laura Black and Lindsey Arnold, 11/17/12
"Broken Like This" Monica Trasandes book launch 11/10/12
"Beverly West Tower " luxury apt instalation, interior designer Lisa Garriss 10/11/12
"Vivacity" Fall Show 10/6/12
"Gathering" pop up dinner hosted by Simple Gourmet 11/2/12
"Joan Rivers" filming of "Joan Know's Best?" reality show 8/30/12
"Innocence Dissolved" video installation Natasha Prosenc Stearns 8/23/12
Summer Show "3(6)5" Somsara Rielly & sculpture Duane Paul 6/16/12
"Laboratory Magazine" launch 6/22/12
"Dog and Duck" documentary film launch 5/12
"Wallspace Grand Opening Party and Miracle Mile Art Walk 3/4/12
Wallspace construction before Grand Opening 1/12
EM&Co featuring Hilary Bond 2/24/11
"The Current Was Strong" featuring MB Boissonaultheld pop up at EM&Co 1/20/11
Lofty Art Wallspace pop up instalation / beginnings 8/9

if you are looking for a unique contemporary piece of artwork of a particular size we have grouped our artwork into several size categories
     medium works - over 24"    |    large works - over 36"    |    Oversize works - over 60"