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LA Art Show, February 5 - 9, 2020

The LA Art Show, February 5 - 9, 2020, LA Convention Center

This was the first time Wallspace has participated at the LA Art Fair and this is the 25th anniversary of this International Art Fair in Los Angeles which begins the year of Art Fairs across America.

Artists Shown:

The LA Art Show at the LA Convention Center

Betsy Enzensberger, Scott Froschauer, Amy Smith, Jermey Novy, Olympio and Plastic Jesus.

At the LA Art Show Wallspace is excited to present a program featuring emerging Los Angeles based artists with a focus on street and pop artists.

Each artist creates their work with a strong voice and messaging within their work whilst using vastly different mediums.

Scott Froschauer playing with familiar street signage - where we are always told what not to do but instead he recreates the signage into positive affirmations and suggestions of what you might want to do.

Amy Smith showcases female portraits to empower and unify - creating a space to feel connected to oneself and to each other - using photography, stencil spray paint and neon.

Jermey Novy's unique brand of street art is ripe with thoughtful social examinations known for his peaceful koi fish which refer to anti-authoritarian coded symbols in Chinese art under communism.

Whilst Betsy Enzensburger sculpts works with resin that create a visceral longing and remembrance of the most nostalgic delights from childhood. The artist uses the familiarity of those sweet treats to help us remember the simplicity, value and culture of desserts so often associated with positivity and joy.

Painting, for Olympio, is fearlessly following a feeling, an instinct. It is discovering the internal balance of a piece and recognizing beauty when it is unveiled, a happy accident. Olympio's work is honest and palpable. It is exposed, raw, and uncompromisingly direct. His work is rough and energetic, yet balanced by a peace and stillness that emanate from below the surface of each piece.

Plastic Jesus often questions the norms in society he confronts our compliance of culture and current affairs. Plastic Jesus uses scale and contradiction as a means to highlight issues and opinions that often go unquestioned. The aesthetic appeal of his work combined with the engagement produces an addictive mix that challenges our acceptance. Plastic Jesus is not about revolution, he is not a anarchist but would like to see some changes around the place.

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